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Washington State FOP History Started Here With Evergreen Lodge #1 November 16, 1981
The Fraternal Order of Police was founded in 1915 in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The FOP represents more than 328,000 members in over 2,100 lodges throughout the United States and 2,200 officers here in Washington. The members are full-time law enforcement officers from local, county, state, and federal agencies. Throughout the years, the FOP has built a proud tradition of leadership in national law enforcement affairs.  Evergreen Lodge #1 was the first lodge established on November 16, 1981 in the state of Washington.  The tradition of Evergreen Lodge #1 continues today, in its dedication to serving the public.
The FOP exists to strive for betterment of the law enforcement profession for the individual officer and the collective membership.  By improving working conditions, wages, benefits, and by monitoring and proposing effective legislation, the FOP provides a service and benefit to the law enforcement profession and the public to which it serves.  FOP members across our nation believe in our national motto "Jus Fidus Libertatum" (Law is the Safeguard of Freedom).