Fraternal Order of Police Evergreen Lodge #1
Silverdale, WA
Active membership shall be compromised of regularly appointed* full time employed Law Enforcement Officers of the United States, the State of Washington, its Counties and Municipalities; and Military Police, and Tribal Police.   Only active members, as herein defined, shall have voice and vote.  Term "Regularly Appointed" Law Enforcement Officer, is a person who is active or retired from active duty in the service of the United States or any of the States or political sub-division thereof. The term "Full Time Employed" shall mean Law Enforcement Officers that are engaged in such employment as their principal source of livelihood. +Military Police are defined as; only those military members classified within the designation of Military Police (Army/USMC), Masters-At-Arms (Navy), or Security Police (USAF) and Law Enforcement Officers of the U.S. Coast Guard, whose sole function is that of law enforcement duties within the United States Armed Forces.
Evergreen Lodge #1
P.O. Box 3189
Silverdale, WA 98383
  Upon completion of your application, receipt of membership dues, and approval of your application by vote of the membership. You will be invited to attend a regular meeting, and will be sworn in. Your membership card will be forwarded to you when received by National.
            .$93.00 Annual Membership and now $63.00 annual membership for retired Police Officers just approved at the State Conference in Spokane.
PRO-RATED DUES (new applications received between 1 February and 31 July )
OPTION-State Legal Defense Plan - $250.00 Annually will be going up to $265.00 in Novermber of 2015.
     NOTE-Annual membership dues must be received by the Secretary by 31 JULY of each year.The Lodge Secretary must submit the annual per-capita tax report to the State Lodge on or before November 1st.  Dues not received by October 1st., membership will be suspended.  *Proration of dues by Direct Deposit is not authorized due to the delay between application and the actual receipt of payment from the government.  For reinstatement, current, and past dues and assessment fee must be paid.   A $10 reinstatement fee will be assessed on members who are suspended in addition to dues in arrears.    All local lodges are required to pay Per-Capita Tax on all members. Of the membership dues paid by each member $9.50 is paid to the National Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville, Tennessee, $18.00 is paid to the Washington Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge. The remainder stays within the Lodge for operating cost, and web page.
All Members. Initial dues payment may be made by check, money order, or;  Direct Deposit or by PayPal.
      >    By check, or money order- make payable to:  FOP EVERGREEN LODGE #1, P.O. Box 3189
FOR MORE INFORMATION on applications and eligibility contact the Lodge Secretary
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