On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, Bremerton Officers Brent Mayfield and Allan McComas, with their
Families present, were recognized with a "Sacrifice in the Line of Duty" award presented by the
Fraternal Order of Police Evergreen Lodge 1 for their service after both were shot and injured in
December 2017.  Officer McComas received minor injuries and was treated and released, Office Mayfield was shot multiple times and required a lengthy hospital stay.  Both officers have both been medically cleared and returned to duty. 
The FOP chose to honor these two officers as a reminder of the potential danger all officers' face
in their daily efforts to protect and serve the public.  Too often law enforcement officers make the ultimate sacrifice and we never get the opportunity to express our appreciation.  This is an opportunity for their comrades from theirs and other law enforcement agencies to express their gratitude for their service and sacrifice.
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Dennis R. Allred Memorial Scholarship Applications are Now being Accepted for 2018.
A $500 scholarship is awarded annually to spouses, widows, and college-bound children of ALL municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers serving here in Kitsap county.  This scholarship is honor of Kitsap county Deputy Dennis R. Allred, who made the ultimate sacrifice.   Applications are due 1June for the following school year.
The Dennis Allred Memorial Scholarship Program complements resources already available to spouses and children of through the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education.
Eligible recipients will be children and spouses of current or retired sworn law enforcement officers. The scholarships will allow recipients to pay for programs such as four-year university degree programs, community college certification courses, and customized on-the-job training programs.
Information related to the Dennis Allred Memorial Scholarship Program includes:
Scholarship Objectives
The objective is to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to our law enforcement families.
Scholarship Funds & Uses
Scholarships will be awarded in amounts up to $500. Award amounts are based on the anticipated needs of the individual, as well as the funds available.
Scholarship funds can be used to pay for education programs and job training. Recipients can use the money to learn new skills, upgrade current skill sets, or pursue and complete a college degree.
Fund Interaction with Other Benefits & Scholarships
The Dennis Allred Memorial Scholarship complements other grant/scholarship programs available through the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Education.
Who can apply?
Spouses and children of Kitsap County Law Enforcement Officers enrolled or having a letter of acceptance to an institution of higher learning, or vocational or technical school. Applicants shall have no record of felony arrest, prosecution, or deferment.
Eligibility Checklist
Eligible applications for the Dennis Allred Memorial Scholarship must meet the following criteria:
Applicant is the child or spouse of a current, retired, or deceased law enforcement officer.
"Spouse" is defined as a U.S. citizen that is lawfully married to the sponsor officer.   No other non-marital unions will be considered, regardless of whether the couple shared children.
"Widow"  An un-remarried spouse of a deceased law enforcement officer. 
"Children" are those that are blood relation to the sponsor officer or are legally adopted by the sponsor officer:  No other children (step-children, foster children) will be considered for purposes of eligibility.
"Law Enforcement Officer" means:  An individual employed full-time (or retired) by a local, county, State or Federal law enforcement agency, rail carrier or private institution of higher education in an official capacity, with or without compensation, who is licensed or certified under the laws of a State or the Federal Government and is involved in crime control or reduction, or the investigation, apprehension or detention of individuals suspected or convicted of violations of criminal law; and includes, but is not limited to, police officers, sheriffs and deputy sheriffs, military police, correctional officers, probation and parole officers, and judicial officers.

Annual award: $500.00.  Applications shall be submitted no later than 1 June for the following school year/semester beginning on or after 1 August.   Awards will be made payable to the institution.

Selection Criteria
Applicants shall submit an application which will be reviewed by the scholarship committee comprised of three members.   Applicants will be notified by mail or email and awards will be announced on or before 1 August each year and presented to the individual at the next regular meeting of the Lodge.

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